International Journal of Contemporary Research Business and Management (IJCRBM) is proud to have a growing international reputation as a scholarly journal. It sets out to ensure that academics from across the world have a credible vehicle for disseminating their research papers. Those seeking fresh and original articles, particularly in relation to the retail sector will find the journal an invaluable resource. The IJCRBM is published two times a year and is a IJCRBM: International Journal of Contemporary Research Business and Management.

The Editors and Editorial Board of the IJCRBM are committed to championing original academic papers that demonstrate the method, academic rigor, and integrity. Such a journal has a small, yet significant role in helping to enrich a wider understanding of a raft of issues of a macro and microeconomic nature, and specializes in business and retail management. The IJCRBM is already proving to be a respected platform for the scholarly endeavor and as such welcomes your interest. No one continent or academic or business tradition has a monopoly on insight into business and retail management research, and thus a conscious effort is made to ensure IJCRBM gives a truly global perspective